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SAIF Red Shoe Gala

Sabrina has always been a big believer in supporting and being active in your community.  Having taught in St. Albert starting in 1991 and since moving to here in 2007, Sabrina has been assisting,volunteering, and enjoying this community.  Her longtime charity of choice is St. Albert's own SAIF Society (Stop Abuse In Families).  During the 2 years she put on her "An Evening Out Dancing " events, she hosted raffles, donating all proceeds to SAIF.  She has also donated to and attended a number of their annual Red Shoe Galas.  She even taught Mayor Crouse to dance the Tango for one of their events!

She also co-hosted “An Evening of Dance” events with the BlackKey Band here in St. Albert for over a year.  These events were designed to bring people together to cultivate relationships – with each other, with their community, and to celebrate – what’s life without a little fun!  And, of course, SAIF was there at each event – raising funds and awareness.  She currently works on prijects with Dogs With Wings as well as teaching at dances in St Albert & Edmonton.  She is currently involved with YEG Ballroom Dance Festival in helping grow the dance community and share the love of dance.  Spend time connecting in a new way with those you love, learning new skills, and doing fun things together – like dancing!




Rock n August with Mayor Crouse

Sabrina also donates to a number of silent auctions in St. Albert including Guilty Pleasures (Canadian Progress Clubs SILKS), Rock n August (ADF - Diabetes), St.Albert United Church, local schools, Dogs With Wings, SASC (St. Albert Skating Centre, SAMHA & SAMFA sport teams, clubs and more. As part of her dedication to dance and St. Albert, She has also partnered up with the St. Albert Community League in their hosting of multiple dances throughout the year.

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